Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/365-"I wish I could have a gun"

So this post will be full of pictures....I am not real clear on the rules of projects like these, if there are rules that is, but there is more than one pic today. Some days may be just one but...that's not today so....moving along.

Today Sass and I were supposed to go to the beach down at Bellows. It was going to be a fun day of digging in the sand, catching some rays and floating in the water....none of which happened...

Hubby went paint balling today and at 9:00 in the morning, he says the skies are blue and the weather is perfect. Sass gets a little nap, and after some slight delays with packing, we were off.

As I neared Bellows, clouds loomed over me and sprinkles began falling on my windshield...this did not seem like beach weather.

Sass and I met up with hubby at Subway, it was windy, cold and rainy. We ate and decided to head back to his car that was parked in Honolulu. As we drove, the rain beat down harder, I was sad we didn't get to play on the beach. But this leads me to picture number 1.

As we drove farther away from the beach the clouds spread out and the sun began to shine. Hubby suggested I take the next left on the road we were following. We pulled into a narrow street that was lined with cars. We pull into a vacant spot and unload Sass....we were going to walk up the mountain....I was in beach attire, as I soon realized I wouldn't be the only one, apparently half naked was acceptable...but I digress...I was wearing flip flops, surely not suitable for walking up a steady incline but, we were there, we wanted something to do, so we went for it.

We got Sass loaded up in her stroller, she definitely got the sweeter end of the deal, and we walked towards the mountain. It was fairly busy on the Sunday afternoon, the weather was nice until the wind started picking up again. Hubby explained to me that there was a wind advisory this weekend, it was even more apparent the further up the mountain we went. Here are a couple pictures. I guess the pic of me doesn't count toward the project as I didn't personally take it...but I am sharing anyway. Consider it a bonus...:) All others pictures that I am not included in, were taken by me.

Finally we get to the half way point and the wind really starts picking up. Poor Sass was trying to shield herself from the wind. She had a blanket on her and I took the beach towel I brought around the front of her stroller so it would keep the wind out of her face. She, however, didn't like that because then she couldn't see every passing "dog" (and there was a lot) and to make sure she pointed it out to us. My child loves dogs..:) I decided to take a self-portrait while the wind was blowing.

Almost there.....we come across this nice little photo-op.

So finally we reached the top, we were thirsty, tired and our calves were on fire. Now it was time to see the view that we walked over a mile uphill and pushing a stroller with a 25 pound toddler inside for.

The first pic obviously wasn't taken by me, but I had to show it off. Sass always makes the funniest expressions. It sure was windy at the top.

The way down was much faster than the way up, imagine that! :) The sun and mist caused a bright haze over the side of the mountain. The camera picked it up, but didn't look as pretty as it did in real life. Perhaps that is because we only had the point and shoot with us today. But here it is.

So now some of you may be wondering about my title.....what in the world does this have to do about guns?? So on to the story...

As we were making our way back down the mountain (and almost being trampled by little kids no older than 6 while the parents walked quite a bit ahead leaving them to run ramped behind them...but whatever..) we came up to a woman walking with her little son. I noticed her walking up the mountain when we were because on the back of her shirt it said, "Anti-terrorist Instructor". So as we were passing them, I hear the little boy say, "Mom....I wish I had a gun. Because then I could hurt the bad guys...." The kid can't be any older that three.....I don't know...her son's statement combined with her shirt just made me laugh. Perhaps her son can sit in the next class she instructs. I couldn't resist....we got a picture! I pulled off the side of the trail and made an excuse so that they could pass us after I heard the little boy tell his mom how and why he wished he could have a gun. So hubby happily took our picture.

Thank you for reading Day 2.
Camera-Sony Cybershot

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  1. I love the picture of the mist and lighthouse! They are gorgeous! And OMG about the little boy. That's crazy I wonder what made him say that, what could they have been talking about for him to say that. lol.

    Beautiful Pictures Hun! : )