Friday, July 24, 2009

A few more days

Hello blog world.

I have family in town so I havent been able to post daily but I have been keeping up with both 365s. I will do one mass catch up post with my pics when I get back on next week. It has been fun! Hiking, beach, BBQs, sparkler bombs, scuba diving, snorkeling, eating out, cake, sight seeing, and we have much more planned. Its been a fun trip so far. Alright, I am out! I'll be back on next week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

this is a just becauser...

I decided to pull off my pics/videos I have on my phone so...thought I'd share some.

First some random ones of me since I rarely put up recent pics of me.

^^^ was on the way to the Army B-day Ball^^^^

Some recent of my Sasser pants

and some oldies
aaaand some videos
CRAPPy quality as I have it set to the lowest setting on my phone, but Sass climbed ALL the way to the TOP of her changing table. She is unstoppable!

U10-A good day

Today was a good day! We woke up, Sass had breakfast and we decided to go to the pool. We went swimming for a good 45 minutes, I got my exercise and it wore Sass out so she would take a much needed nap. While she napped I gave myself a mani and pedi and relaxed in the chair outside and listed to my classic rock station. We went to the car dealership to look around and came back for a delicious BBQ. Good food, good company and Sass seems to be out of her funk. She had a great time playing outside. I didn't want to have pics of Sass be in this 365 project as she has one dedicated to just her, but I couldn't help it. I thought this pic looked pretty cool. SO, since this is my unofficial project until 1 Aug when I start it up for real, I can show it. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, 18 Jul 09's pic of the day. OH and HAPPY 18 MONTHS SASS!!
*as always, click on the pic to see it larger*

And just some other pics of the day.

She loved the power wheels toy. We are going to have to get one for her now (this is the neighbor's)
Slide fun
my hubby and Sass going up the slide the wrong way

She fell and skinned her wittle knee!!

U9-Nothing a little tape cant fix!

So I am sure you all saw the little poopiefiasco we had yesterday. Well...tonight we were going to make sure it wouldnt happen again!!

Nothing a little packing tape cant solve.

Friday 17 Jul 09's pic

And here is what it was used for!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

U8-What a day it has been!

Oh has been a day. I have been irritable beyond belief, Sass is teething, or so I am thinking, and she is in rare form and driving me batty.

She has also been really into her poo lately. Whether she is sticking her hands down the back of her diaper or taking her diaper off.....I have been cleaning up a lot of poo lately.

I went to go get Sass up from her nap and as I go upstairs, I can smell it already. I walk in her room and the first thing I notice is my puffy headed child's huge smile as she jumps up and down in her crib. As she jumps my eyes look down and notice she is without her pants. Upon further diaper. I then see the diaper on the floor with yes....poo smears in it, but nothing solid. I peer in the crib and nothing. I start the bath and to my surprise, she isnt covered in the maybe it was a clean break.

As I unfold her blanket on the bed I see this.........

^^^unofficial day 8 pic, Thursday July 16, 2009
minus the "bomb" but let me tell was a bomb of a different nature. The "bomb" is about the same size as the "bomb" if that tells you anything!

Sass loves cats. She says cat and kitty, can sign cat and even meows. Apparently now, she also covers her poo........

Here are a couple more pics from the day.

Most of you may know that I am a proud Extended Rear Facing mama. I will have Sass rear facing as long as I can, unfortunately, she is growing at such a fast pace, I may not get to make it to 2 yrs like I am planning. But here she is today looking cute in her car seat.

Sass LOVES books, she likes to go through and ask what everything is even if she knows what it is already. She asked what the picture for X was and I told her xylophone, and when I told her, she instantly put her hand up to her ear and said, "Hello?" All she picked out of it was phone and acted like she was talking on the phone. My baby girl is so smart.

and using the book as a hat

She is also a dare devil. She climbs EVERYWHERE and on everything. Here is balanced on the edge of this little plastic chair. She always makes my heart jump out of my chest.
My monkey girl


I am a day behind on posting. I really dont have a back story on this pic aside from she is cute. :) So enjoy. This is Wed, 15 July 09's unofficial pic of the day. My pouchie Bella

And some family news.

Sass loves to help put on her powder during diaper changes. In fact, she insists on helping.
I put my headband on her, and she just looks so darned cute I had to share.
Sass loves her cat Biggie, however, Biggie isnt that fond of Sass. Here she is trying to use him as a pillow.

and a chair.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

U6-Starting to become a regular thing around here...

So it all started with El when she got half of a pineapple upside down cake from the bakery at the commissary. That was some of the yummiest cake I have ever eaten. So then she bought a whole one...then I bought a whole one and today....oh today she made this lovely creation...from scratch. We have devoured 2 and a half pineapple upside down cakes in 2 weeks, not including the one she just made.....I think we need to stage an intervention.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009's unofficial pic of the day.

And here are a few more pics just because I wanna. :)

So a lady on my forum I frequent posted a thread with a link to morph you and your SO to see what your baby would look like...its pretty damn close...the closest I have ever seen for a quick online morph thing. Check it out.

The morph

and my daughter
pretty similar right??

And I was out in the back yard and took some other pics. And as always, click the pic to view larger. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

U5-moving and a shakin

I signed up for mobile posting and I got the confirmation and all so I sent a post here and it just never showed up. Its been hours so I am going to just assume its not going to post.

Today was a busy day, I rearranged my entire downstairs, it was a serious all day affair. I think it looks much better now, and doesn't it figure we are outta here in less than 2 months!!

We are having company next week and I wanted to make sure we have extra seating so I brought in the extra couch and that got my gears turning and I made several changes. I think I'll be sore tomorrow, my back is already aching. I suppose that will happen when you move a couch, love seat, tables, bookshelves all over the place and several times.

So anyway, here is a shot of one end of our living room, Monday 13 July 2009, unofficial day 5 pic. If you for some reason desire to see this bigger, you know you just have to click it!

*Note-I have this fed into Facebook as a note, so I am not sure if it works for you facebookers (the pic clicking)..but I know for you blogspot readers it works.*

So....We put Sass down for the night, she was in rare form today boy howdy! Anyway, I noticed she has teeth tracks along her crib. I mean..BAD!! It hurts my teeth just thinking about it! *shudders*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Down by the bay.....

We live on a little peninsula by Pearl Harbor so right down the road there are some old battleships. We happened by there on our walk today and I took a few shots.

So here is Sunday, 12 July 09's unofficial day 4 shot.

As always, click pic to view larger.

And a few bonus pics!

Jelly fish are gross

Yesterday I had my first Photo session with a client. They really wanted some beach pictures together so we headed up to North Shore.

At I believe the third location we were heading down to the water when I saw a big bubble mass of dead sea creature. I looked at it closer and realized it was a washed up jelly fish! I am so glad I didn't step on it. I think those things still have some juice even dead....but don't quote me on that.

So I was trying to focus on it when the guy of the party I was photographing flipped it over in the sand, I was taking the snapped the sand covered one.

So instead of my 3rd unofficial pic being of a cool dead jellyfish, it is of a cool dead jellyfish covered in sand....shucks.

Saturday, 12 Jul 09, Unofficial day 3

and just for fun, a crab and some scenery!
And as with all the pictures, just click on it to see it bigger (NOT by right clicking and view image..just click the pic)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

M is for.......ME!

This blog has been brought to you by the letter M and by the number 2. ha ha ha...

Ok....I suppose its obvious I hang out with a toddler all day, she seriously is my best friend!

No real reason my unofficial day 2 pic is of a letter M I decorated with stickers before Sass was born, I was just sitting in her rocker chair watching Daddy get her ready for bed. Just struck me as pic worthy I suppose. :)

Fri Jul 10th pic, unofficial day 2

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Did I really need that??

I have been going back and forth on when I should start my 365 thing back up...but I am sticking to my 1 Aug date with the other ladies. BUT, I will post pics for "practice" until then. :)

I hate the days I dont know what to fix for lunch. Today was one of those days. I resorted to making mac n cheese and hot dogs, Sass sure loves that meal on the occasion she gets it. Well...I had already eaten earlier and I wasnt hungry when I made the food...but of course, true no will me had to eat the mac n cheese.

Luckily I only took a few bites and forced myself to put it away in the refrigerator. Hubby finished it off when he got home from work...:) He saved me from heating it up and eating it later.

I keep telling myself....*I will eat well today* and as it turns out...I just like to talk.