Tuesday, July 14, 2009

U6-Starting to become a regular thing around here...

So it all started with El when she got half of a pineapple upside down cake from the bakery at the commissary. That was some of the yummiest cake I have ever eaten. So then she bought a whole one...then I bought a whole one and today....oh today she made this lovely creation...from scratch. We have devoured 2 and a half pineapple upside down cakes in 2 weeks, not including the one she just made.....I think we need to stage an intervention.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009's unofficial pic of the day.

And here are a few more pics just because I wanna. :)

So a lady on my forum I frequent posted a thread with a link to morph you and your SO to see what your baby would look like...its pretty damn close...the closest I have ever seen for a quick online morph thing. Check it out.

The morph

and my daughter
pretty similar right??

And I was out in the back yard and took some other pics. And as always, click the pic to view larger. :)


  1. hmmmmm that pineapple upside down cake looks yummy!! :)

  2. MMMMMM that cake looks devine. Too bad I don't like pineapples. Isn't that software neat? I really was expecting this messed up looking little person. But it actually does a good job. However I don't think it looks like either of my kids, and now that I posted it in a few places people seem to think it is creepy and reminds them of the posters of the lost children. Which I kind of see now. Love your leaves!