Monday, July 6, 2009

A new challenge

I am still going strong on the Sass 365. I am just behind on the templates is all....I really need to take the time and finish them up, I am like a month behind.

So a couple of the girls on a Photography Thread set a date of Aug 1st this yr to start a 365 project. I am thinking of taking the challenge again. I am going to continue the one of Sass, but start a subject one again. I just think if I stick with it this time, it will be wonderful to look back on. I feel bad the other one fell through.

I really want to capture things in this yr and I think a lot will change from Aug 09 to Aug '10. That yr is hard to time flies.

I think it will be good to help me grow in photography, it will be interesting to see how much it changes in a yr as well. So I jumped on board and 1 Aug I will start now I am I start a different blog??? Would it be too confusing to do 2 365 projects on one blog? I already have more than one blog to maintain....I think I am getting carried away. I will figure something out though!

So I am off to work on my layouts for my current challenge. I will have them up when finished!

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