Monday, July 13, 2009

U5-moving and a shakin

I signed up for mobile posting and I got the confirmation and all so I sent a post here and it just never showed up. Its been hours so I am going to just assume its not going to post.

Today was a busy day, I rearranged my entire downstairs, it was a serious all day affair. I think it looks much better now, and doesn't it figure we are outta here in less than 2 months!!

We are having company next week and I wanted to make sure we have extra seating so I brought in the extra couch and that got my gears turning and I made several changes. I think I'll be sore tomorrow, my back is already aching. I suppose that will happen when you move a couch, love seat, tables, bookshelves all over the place and several times.

So anyway, here is a shot of one end of our living room, Monday 13 July 2009, unofficial day 5 pic. If you for some reason desire to see this bigger, you know you just have to click it!

*Note-I have this fed into Facebook as a note, so I am not sure if it works for you facebookers (the pic clicking)..but I know for you blogspot readers it works.*

So....We put Sass down for the night, she was in rare form today boy howdy! Anyway, I noticed she has teeth tracks along her crib. I mean..BAD!! It hurts my teeth just thinking about it! *shudders*


  1. Your living room looks GREAT... so clean, and nicely organized. Ugh, I need to clean! :(

    Why do kids do that to their cribs? I know their teeth hurt, but that can't feel good chewing on wood. My kids do the same thing, so much for a convert to toddler bed/ twin bed crib! Jeesh!

  2. living room looks awesome. Rearranging takes some time and muscles.

    WOW look at that crib rail... is that her way of telling you to put her in a "big girl" bed?

  3. to bad the living room won't stay that way; good thing for pictures! and madison is pointing it out the teeth marks; she's just so darn cute and smart!