Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jelly fish are gross

Yesterday I had my first Photo session with a client. They really wanted some beach pictures together so we headed up to North Shore.

At I believe the third location we were heading down to the water when I saw a big bubble mass of dead sea creature. I looked at it closer and realized it was a washed up jelly fish! I am so glad I didn't step on it. I think those things still have some juice even dead....but don't quote me on that.

So I was trying to focus on it when the guy of the party I was photographing flipped it over in the sand, I was taking the snapped the sand covered one.

So instead of my 3rd unofficial pic being of a cool dead jellyfish, it is of a cool dead jellyfish covered in sand....shucks.

Saturday, 12 Jul 09, Unofficial day 3

and just for fun, a crab and some scenery!
And as with all the pictures, just click on it to see it bigger (NOT by right clicking and view image..just click the pic)


  1. Love your jelly fish picture. However it kind of sucks that the guy turned it over :( Eh well, it is still a cool picture! And YUKY. I hate jelly fish. And can I just tell you again, and I'll probably keep repeating myself, but how jealous I am of you that you live in such a BEAUTIFUL place?

  2. The crab is by far my favorite... just remember if you should ever happened to get stung by a jelly fish, pee on yourself. It will end the stinging sensation. :)