Monday, January 11, 2010

My baby is going to be 2 very soon!

It is just so hard to believe, I swear it feels like yesterday I was sad that my baby was going to be one. I went out and got her a big girl bed set to mark the day that she no longer needed jungle babies decorating her room. Now it's a whole year later, where does the time go?

I didn't go into great detail buying stuff for her room because I knew we were moving soon, and didn't want to go through a lot just to take it all down, so I waited to do decorating until we were settled in the new place.

Alas, we are here and another new year is upon us, and that means my little girl will be 2. Wow....2.....

So I am decorating her room to be very big girl, even though at the moment she is still caged in her crib, the thought of her roaming around at night gives me nightmares, so we are waiting a little longer until she is released. But I want her room to be special. Lucky for us, her room is already painted the perfect shade of purple to match her big girl bed set.

I had an old pine colored shelf that I bought years and years ago that I never put up because it didn't match a thing, so it just sat. Today I decided it will be apart of Sass's room and I painted it pink with purple trim. I wish I took before pics, but I didn't, and I am still not done. It needs another coat of pink and the purple trim. I had to put a base coat of white on it was an already finished shelf so I needed something for the pink paint to adhere to, and I didn't feel like getting tons of stuff to do it properly, it works. :)

We have some nice flower, butterfly, dragonfly and lady bug wall appliques to put up. Even though it is not made for her bedroom set, it matches perfectly, and it will be so cute!

I bought her a curtain today that actually matches her set, lucky for me, she only has one window and required only one panel, that thing was over 20.00 for one...But when I put it up, she yelled, "THAT'S CUTE!", and we clapped and said "YAY" a bunch of times. I heard her do it again when Michael put her to sleep. She makes me smile.

So aside from her shelf I am making her, and her wall appliques, I wanted to make her some canvas boxes to hang on the wall. At Target, they were 9.99 for each one..I wanted three, but wasn't about to pay 30 bucks for something I can darn well do myself.

So I headed to Walmart and picked up 3 canvas boxes, 3 bucks each. Got a couple colors of pastel pain for 47 cents each and a new pack of brushes, but I needed them anyway so...

At home I already had ribbon and other items so...I began to paint. Now granted these aren't the best of paintings, I think they look very childlike and match her appliques and bedding very well! And it only took me a little bit tonight to make them and they are ready for hanging tomorrow!

So without further is Sass' current bed set...

a more accurate look at her bed set

the makings of her shelf..IT IS NOT DONE YET it still looks crappy, but it will be sweet once it's done. The off white color will be purple.

The wall appliques.

and finally, the canvas boxes I made for less than half of what Target was asking for theirs...AND I like mine better. :) The yellow one will go in the middle of the three. I should have set them up that way but get the idea. The ribbon I used for the hangers was included in the pack of little spools from the 1 spot at target many months ago. The little wooden butterfly and flower things I have had forever, and you can get at Walmart, 56 cents I do believe.

I have a couple more things I am going to paint and put in her room, one being a custom mirror. I am excited to see her finished room! My little girl is growing up!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daddy daughter and a me day

Today was a me day, and I enjoyed it a lot! I went to the mall and walked around for hours! Bought a couple sweaters from American Eagle, and a couple cute ones from Charlotte russe. Then went to Target (yup, in the mall!). I got Sass a new toy box, b-day party supplies, a B-day present and some wall stickers for her room that match her bedding. I need to get her some curtains now and she will be all set, but I saw a really cute rod and set at Walmart so...I will get that there. I think she will have her crib converted to a big girl bed here pretty soon.

So anyway, while I had my day, Sass and daddy had a day. She even got a treat and went to McDonalds....I am glad they had a good bonding day.  When I left, Sass had just got up from her nap so she was in jammies when I left so...daddy had to get her dressed. And he did a good job! Then I saw her socks....Oh daddy. :) Though, could have been worse. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The green needs to GO

This green was "meh, ok" when we first moved in, but we are at the point where it needs to go! We bought a sample...but unfortunately, I think its going to be too light for what we want. to try again! But I will use that paint sample for the little cabinet I am redoing for Sass.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today has been brought to you by the letter T

Tired, ten, terrible-twos, tantrums, turd, testing, tornado, TV, tape, teach, tickle, taco, time-out, telephone, temper, thrash, teeth, and thankful.....

Yup, pretty much sums up my day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Freezer bomb

Lesson to learn here ladies and gentleman...
 Do not leave sodas or beer in the freezer overnight....or you could have a huge mess on your hands....

Poor Diet Dr. Pepper, that little guy never had a chance!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's potty training time!

Sass has been real into the potty lately, always wanting to pee pee, though of course, she just likes to play with it. Have an excuse to take her diaper off, run around naked....the usual. :)  I even got her some Minnie mouse panties, but she even takes them off, exclaiming ALL DONE MINNIE!  So enjoy my pretty little girl! Oh and don't her tied up shirt hahaa, I didn't want her peeing on it, its long.

Here are some graphics I made of her today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Remember... I said yesterday this is a hard age to take a picture of Sass?? Weeeeell.......I asked her to smile for me today, and I get her crazy cookie monster face EACH time. She is a nut and cracks me up! She inherited my gene (if it is a gene) to be able to cross only one eye while keeping the other straight and then being to alternate hahaha...its a sight! is her cookie monster face!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Such a hard age... get decent pictures!!! I either get a frown or the surprised face!

She loves her kitchen though! She is always cooking up some new concoctions...sometimes its chicken and pineapple, ice cream and peas, waffles and lettuce...she is going to be a great cook one day!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its cheap, but it works.

Ever since we moved, I have been unable to find my scale....and being 16 weeks pregnant, I want to keep my weight journaled and to keep track of my weight gain.

Well, I know it has to be in one of the boxes still in the garage, but with it being 23 degrees out, its WAY too cold to go rummaging so...I went to walmart today to get a cheap scale. Well..I was afraid the scale would be off a bit...but it seems to be right on. I weighed my 3lb bag of apples, and it came out 3lbs. I went and grabbed an 8lbs weight, and it showed up 8 too. I picked up Sass, and she is only, she has lost some weight since the last I weighed her. Which makes since, she runs and is non stop go from the moment she wakes up!

Then I jumped on the 6:00pm at night, full stomach, fully clothed and I was pretty light means I have lost weight so far in this pregnancy, not gained. Well..I think I am gaining now, but I am playing catch up for the weight I didn't put on and lost during my first trimester when I was pretty sick. So that made me happy, I am 16 weeks and no weight gain as of yet. I know Sprout is fine in there, my uterus is where it should be for my weeks, I can feel her, and she has a strong heartbeat. I am just making better eating choices this pregnancy and not indulging in my every craving...which has helped a LOT! But is my little cheapo scale....isn't it cute??

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sass's New Years Resolution more like my NYR for Sass....was to get rid of her paci! She usually only had it for nap and sleep, and sometimes during the day if it was an off day or teething or such. I was going to wait till she was 2 yrs (in 2 and a half weeks) but then I figured...why not now?

I heard of the trick a while back to cut the tips off, and they wouldn't want it anymore. Well..she did that all by herself with her teeth....she went through 3 pacis in a couple weeks...I had to take them away so she wouldn't choke, but once she bit them, she REFUSED them but screamed for a paci at bed time. So I figured that little trick wouldn't work for us.

So NYE, I was rocking Sass in her chair listening to Itsy Bitsy Spider like usual and she grabbed her huge baby bottle plastic bank. She would put it in her mouth and I told her, bottles are for are a big girl! She was repeating..I'm not a baby, I am a big girl. Well..she then puts her last paci in her mouth and it gave me an idea. I pulled it out of her mouth and told her...THIS is for a baby, you are a big you don't need it. She repeated that she is a big girl.

So I put it up, lied her down in her crib and told her a few more times when she asked for it, that she was a big girl, and only babies used pacis. And she went to sleep! No fight, no crying, no anything!

Who would have figured reasoning would work? lol...But I am SO glad it did! We are on night three and so far so good with naps and bedtime! YAH!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 new start!

Hello everyone!!!

Ok, so my last 365 blog I FAILED. Capitol F on that. Well..I am going to give it another go!

For Christmas I got THE most awesome gift. Simple as it is, it is just amazing. It is an apple peeler, corer and slicer! It takes like 5 seconds to make a quick snack for Sass! Too bad it does just apples. There will now be a lot more apple pie in this house!!