Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daddy daughter and a me day

Today was a me day, and I enjoyed it a lot! I went to the mall and walked around for hours! Bought a couple sweaters from American Eagle, and a couple cute ones from Charlotte russe. Then went to Target (yup, in the mall!). I got Sass a new toy box, b-day party supplies, a B-day present and some wall stickers for her room that match her bedding. I need to get her some curtains now and she will be all set, but I saw a really cute rod and set at Walmart so...I will get that there. I think she will have her crib converted to a big girl bed here pretty soon.

So anyway, while I had my day, Sass and daddy had a day. She even got a treat and went to McDonalds....I am glad they had a good bonding day.  When I left, Sass had just got up from her nap so she was in jammies when I left so...daddy had to get her dressed. And he did a good job! Then I saw her socks....Oh daddy. :) Though, could have been worse. :)

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  1. She's adorable! <3 I'm glad you had a good day!