Monday, January 11, 2010

My baby is going to be 2 very soon!

It is just so hard to believe, I swear it feels like yesterday I was sad that my baby was going to be one. I went out and got her a big girl bed set to mark the day that she no longer needed jungle babies decorating her room. Now it's a whole year later, where does the time go?

I didn't go into great detail buying stuff for her room because I knew we were moving soon, and didn't want to go through a lot just to take it all down, so I waited to do decorating until we were settled in the new place.

Alas, we are here and another new year is upon us, and that means my little girl will be 2. Wow....2.....

So I am decorating her room to be very big girl, even though at the moment she is still caged in her crib, the thought of her roaming around at night gives me nightmares, so we are waiting a little longer until she is released. But I want her room to be special. Lucky for us, her room is already painted the perfect shade of purple to match her big girl bed set.

I had an old pine colored shelf that I bought years and years ago that I never put up because it didn't match a thing, so it just sat. Today I decided it will be apart of Sass's room and I painted it pink with purple trim. I wish I took before pics, but I didn't, and I am still not done. It needs another coat of pink and the purple trim. I had to put a base coat of white on it was an already finished shelf so I needed something for the pink paint to adhere to, and I didn't feel like getting tons of stuff to do it properly, it works. :)

We have some nice flower, butterfly, dragonfly and lady bug wall appliques to put up. Even though it is not made for her bedroom set, it matches perfectly, and it will be so cute!

I bought her a curtain today that actually matches her set, lucky for me, she only has one window and required only one panel, that thing was over 20.00 for one...But when I put it up, she yelled, "THAT'S CUTE!", and we clapped and said "YAY" a bunch of times. I heard her do it again when Michael put her to sleep. She makes me smile.

So aside from her shelf I am making her, and her wall appliques, I wanted to make her some canvas boxes to hang on the wall. At Target, they were 9.99 for each one..I wanted three, but wasn't about to pay 30 bucks for something I can darn well do myself.

So I headed to Walmart and picked up 3 canvas boxes, 3 bucks each. Got a couple colors of pastel pain for 47 cents each and a new pack of brushes, but I needed them anyway so...

At home I already had ribbon and other items so...I began to paint. Now granted these aren't the best of paintings, I think they look very childlike and match her appliques and bedding very well! And it only took me a little bit tonight to make them and they are ready for hanging tomorrow!

So without further is Sass' current bed set...

a more accurate look at her bed set

the makings of her shelf..IT IS NOT DONE YET it still looks crappy, but it will be sweet once it's done. The off white color will be purple.

The wall appliques.

and finally, the canvas boxes I made for less than half of what Target was asking for theirs...AND I like mine better. :) The yellow one will go in the middle of the three. I should have set them up that way but get the idea. The ribbon I used for the hangers was included in the pack of little spools from the 1 spot at target many months ago. The little wooden butterfly and flower things I have had forever, and you can get at Walmart, 56 cents I do believe.

I have a couple more things I am going to paint and put in her room, one being a custom mirror. I am excited to see her finished room! My little girl is growing up!

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  1. how exciting! love the colors!! Hope you post pictures again when everything's finished!