Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's try this again! 1-365

Well well well! It has been almost a YEAR since I posted to this blog. My last entry was of my daughter about to turn two, and here she is, about to be 3! My time flies.

Well I decided to give this whole 365 thing another go! I really need to update this blog layout and info, so it's another work in progress. I was going to wait till I had the blog exterior all done before I started posting but, that isn't going to happen in light of all the other things I am doing so.....enjoy the photos!

(P.S, if I am still on your blog list, you may see several posts by me, but thats because I am doing 16 days of posts all tonight, I am just changing the dates of the posts so that its easier to follow). For instance, today is actually the 16th of Jan, but the post will read the first. :) Tricky huh? :)

SO! On to day 1. I wanted to have a pic of the girls together because I plan on the last day being the same to see how much they have grown!

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