Thursday, July 16, 2009

U8-What a day it has been!

Oh has been a day. I have been irritable beyond belief, Sass is teething, or so I am thinking, and she is in rare form and driving me batty.

She has also been really into her poo lately. Whether she is sticking her hands down the back of her diaper or taking her diaper off.....I have been cleaning up a lot of poo lately.

I went to go get Sass up from her nap and as I go upstairs, I can smell it already. I walk in her room and the first thing I notice is my puffy headed child's huge smile as she jumps up and down in her crib. As she jumps my eyes look down and notice she is without her pants. Upon further diaper. I then see the diaper on the floor with yes....poo smears in it, but nothing solid. I peer in the crib and nothing. I start the bath and to my surprise, she isnt covered in the maybe it was a clean break.

As I unfold her blanket on the bed I see this.........

^^^unofficial day 8 pic, Thursday July 16, 2009
minus the "bomb" but let me tell was a bomb of a different nature. The "bomb" is about the same size as the "bomb" if that tells you anything!

Sass loves cats. She says cat and kitty, can sign cat and even meows. Apparently now, she also covers her poo........

Here are a couple more pics from the day.

Most of you may know that I am a proud Extended Rear Facing mama. I will have Sass rear facing as long as I can, unfortunately, she is growing at such a fast pace, I may not get to make it to 2 yrs like I am planning. But here she is today looking cute in her car seat.

Sass LOVES books, she likes to go through and ask what everything is even if she knows what it is already. She asked what the picture for X was and I told her xylophone, and when I told her, she instantly put her hand up to her ear and said, "Hello?" All she picked out of it was phone and acted like she was talking on the phone. My baby girl is so smart.

and using the book as a hat

She is also a dare devil. She climbs EVERYWHERE and on everything. Here is balanced on the edge of this little plastic chair. She always makes my heart jump out of my chest.
My monkey girl


  1. She is so adorable! Sorry about the "bomb" though! That last picture with her sitting on the arm lean looks scary (for us mommies!) but it's so cute how she proud of herself she is!

  2. Woo that last picture almost gave me a heart attack!!! Your little Sass is so smart!! She's beautiful. And that is so funny that you put a bomb over her poo! LOL.

  3. To help with the diaper exploring during nap or bed time, try cutting the feet off of a pair of footed pjs and putting them on backward. She won't be able to unzip them so she won't be able to take them off.

  4. Sucks about the poo...

    the plastic chair pic has my heart racing... I could only imagine what yours does.