Monday, February 16, 2009

3/365-President's Day

Happy President's Day world!

So I want to tell you a little about my Grandpa. First off, he is the only Grandpa I have and I guess I can honestly say he is the only male figure I had in my life growing up.

This man is the funniest man I have ever met. He always has jokes and he loves to tell stories about when he was in the Navy. Every visit with him he tells me the story of the time he was almost considered AWOL when he ran out of money on one of his liberty passes and how he had to go to the Great Lakes base to have them inform his post he hasn't deserted anyone. All this because finance messed up his pay. As far as finance goes, I see nothing has changed. But he will tell this story every time and as perfectly as the time before that. I happily sit there and listen to him recall his experiences.

He sure loves Sass too. We went to Michigan to visit when she was going on 6 months old, and he was just so tickled by her.. He really enjoyed holding her and playing games with her that my Grandma had to make a statement that he was "hogging" her. I call often lately and my Grandma always tells me that he speaks to Sass's picture everyday. She is sitting on his table by where he sits...she eats dinner with them sometimes too.

I hope I never have to see the day when they pass, for I will miss him with all my heart and I will long to hear his stories of when he was in the Navy, but unfortunately I think that time will be in my near future, and that is something that I can not bear to think of.

My Grandpa wanted to get Sass a gift she could keep and cherish, something that she can look back on and remember her Great-Grandpa by, even if she has no physical memory of him. He bought her two coin sets. One of the state quarters that include 2 states of importance. Hawaii state where she was born, and Oklahoma state where hubby is from. He also got her the set of 1 dollar coins, the set that had President James Madison in it. He put a lot of thought into his gift and I was surely touched.

I am hoping Sass will be able to meet her Great-Grandpa again in the near future. Those two have such a special bond and she doesn't even know it yet.

So I decided that this President's Day, my 365 picture shall be of the coin set my Grandpa gave to Sass as a gift. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Thank you for reading.

Camera-Nikon D60


  1. What a touching story! I hope she gets to see him again too. He sounds like a wonderful Man!

  2. thank you melissa for this special story about my dad; it made me cry...