Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4/365-Puffs are for babies!

I remember breaking up the Gerber star shaped snacks called puffs for Sass not long ago. "Be careful baby, you can choke...eat slowly." Seems I couldn't break them apart carefully yet quickly enough for her. She devoured them and they were gone.

I remember having a discussion in my January mom group about how ludicrous the serving size is, like 80 puffs....that seemed like a LOT for a baby to eat. At that age Sass only ate a small handful at best.

She goes from eating a few halved puffs to cramming two fists full of puffs in her mouth, seemingly all at the same time. She loves puffs, there wasn't a day she didn't have her snack of choice. She especially liked the apple strawberry, peach and cherry. They even started selling them in a whole wheat variety. Awesome.

Today I sat Sass in her highchair and gave her a few puffs to snack on while I fixed her dinner. She looked at me like, "What is this you are trying to give me? PUFFS? Are you serious? Mom, that was sooo last month. In case you haven't noticed, I am not an "infant" anymore....geez."

When did this happen? I already had to get over the fact she walks everywhere she goes now, she talks to me, she asks for things she wants pretty clearly, but I just don't think I was ready to get rid of puffs....These are PUFFS for goodness sakes, her FAVORITE snack....I guess not anymore. She quickly "windshield wipered" them off her tray. Bella, our little pooch sure enjoyed their cherry, crispity goodness.

So I am sad to announce Sass has walked away from her favorite "baby" snack and is on the move to more "big girl" snacks. And with that, I hope you enjoy today's picture...

R.I.P Puffs...

Nikon D60

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  1. Cake has moved on from puffs too. She is much happier snacking on apples and goldfish. I never even got to try the cherry flavor!!:(