Friday, February 27, 2009

13/365-Down by the bay...

Ok, you can stop singing now..:)

In 7 short months we will finally be leaving Hawaii, and as I am very happy about this, in ways I will be sad. I know that is weird coming from me, but there is just a beauty to Hawaii, the way it smells, the beautiful scenery and the wonderful weather. In those ways, it will be missed.

Unfortunately, Hawaii is tainted for me, I have been bitter since I arrived here on my flight that almost crashed into the ocean...that flight foreshadowed my life for the next 3 years on this island. This last year has been great but I still hold a deep grudge and I don't feel I will fully come back to my own until I get off this island.

But as I stated previously, the beauty of this island will be missed. I absolutely love the smell of Plumeria and we have trees of bloomed flowers all over the place.....Every time we take a walk I always pick up fallen flowers, close my eyes and take in the scent...its such a beautiful smell. The perfumes and sprays do not do the flower any justice as it is probably one of my favorite smells.

I found this flower on the side of the road as we walked to the pier, one of our favorite spots to walk to. I hope you enjoy the pic!

Camera-Sony Cyvershot. The pic is straight out of the camera except for the watermark. I am very surprised I got such a nice pic from my point and shoot. The lighting was perfect. I was also surprised by the blur in the appropriate places....I am quite satisfied with this picture.

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