Thursday, February 19, 2009

6/365-'Till death do us part

My wedding set is simple and gorgeous...Just what I have always wanted. Hubby picked out my engagement ring on his own and he did a fantastic job. We picked out my wedding band together. I always wore my rings, I loved showing the world I was taken, and by a wonderful man, my best friend.

In May of 2007 we found out we were expecting...what a blessing. Along with that blessing though came a substantial weight gain. My fingers swelled like little sausages...well...I retained water like it was going out of style. But my point it, I gained a lot so I was unable to wear my wedding set because of the weight gain.

After I had Sass, I lost about 30lbs just leaving the hospital....I was anxious to put my rings back on...I couldnt even get them over the knuckle. So I held out....I lost some more weight...nope. A couple months ago I slipped on the wedding was snug, but it went all the way down. Time to put on my other ring....I couldnt get it down. Not because of the band size, but because the first ring I put on created this "bubble" like effect on my finger in between the two bands...There was no way to get them together.

What is funny is my fingers looked normal to me..they didn't look puffy or swollen, yet they obviously were bigger because my rings did not fit. Everyone kept telling me to get them resized. I refused because I WOULD lose the weight and they would fit again, then I would just have to get them resized. So I held out.

I have now lost all pregnancy weight, even though I am not to my goal weight, I decided today to try on my rings as I do periodically......and to my surprise...THEY FIT! Both of the same time...I can wear them comfortably around my finger...They slide easily and I was so excited you would have thought I just won the lottery! So after roughly a little over a year and a half (counting pregnancy) I can FINALLY wear my rings!!!! So you guessed it...thats my pic of the day!!



  1. I wish I had held out like you did. I got tired of the looks (people used to look at me funny when I was 8 months pregnant with no ring on my finger) so I gave in and got them resized.
    Yay for sticking it out and them fitting! That must be an awesome feeling to got to look down and see them on your finger again!