Saturday, February 14, 2009

1/365-Day one, V-day!

Today is day 1 of Project 365. I am excited about this project as I have always had an interest in photography and I am hoping to grow in that area as well as see a whole year in a few pictures. I am going to attempt to make my pictures diverse, though I have to warn you, there will be a lot of my daughter, who online I call Sass. So I think the rules are, take one pic a day...well....some days there may only be one but I like to shake things up a bit. There might be more than one some days...but maybe I can try to make it of one subject? We'll see I guess. Maybe no more than 5 a day? I do however, like the idea of just one....oh what to do?

Photography has always been a passion of mine, I am often called the paparazzi by my friends because I go everywhere with my camera.

Recently I have decided to take my photography a step forward and I am branching out to become an actual photographer. I lovingly have the support of my husband and I can't be more excited. This journey will be hard and challenging, but that is half the fun. I am excited to have a "job" that I love! How many people can say that?

I chose to start off with pictures of my daughter on Valentine's Day. We had a wonderful day as a family. We went to the park, we played and laughed all day, not to mention we had a fantastic dinner of steak on the grill, shrimp scampi, baked potatoes and salad. Home cooking at its finest.

I believe the hardest part of this challenge/project is to post everyday...not the taking of pictures. So I will try my hardest!

For the most part I will be using my Nikon D60, I love that camera, never fails to take excellent pictures. But we also have a point and shoot Sony Cybershot that might be a little easier to take along for everyday doings.

Anyway, please enjoy the pictures of day 1-365

The first 2 are a couple of PS graphics I made :)

CAMERA-Nikon D60

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