Saturday, February 21, 2009

8/365-Go Itsy, Go Itsy, Go Itsy GO!

I have been teaching Sass sign language since she was 4 months old. Some days I really feel like all my efforts are wasted...seems like she just isn't that interested....but other days she surprises me with the knowledge and the comprehension she really has.

On days Sass does things, I always call up hubby to tell him, though he rarely sees Sass in action, so I am glad he was sitting on the couch to witness Sass today. I know he doesn't think I am lying, but now he could see for his own eyes.

I pull out our signing flash cards and I held up the first card. Sass immediately says, "Mooooo". The picture on the card was a cow. So even though she doesn't say cow, she makes the cow sound and will even do the cow sound when I show her the sign.

The next card I showed her was a banana, she said to me, "banana". She says banana to the object and to the sign, but has yet to sign it.

I then showed her the card that had a ball on it. This one she signed and said ball. So this one we are pretty good at. She signed and said baby for the baby card as well.

Today she even signed book for the first time, and it was the result of seeing the card with the book on it. But after this card, she decided it was enough and wanted to play.

Sass has a comprehension of over 25 words I would say, but only signs a handful of them. Mostly though, she will say the word to a sign made, and not necessarily sign it back. Which I guess in the grand scheme of things, I would rather her speak.

So for those of you who believe signing to hearing babies impair there verbal skills, yet another baby proved that theory wrong.

This post isn't to brag about what my child does, but merely state that I am glad to see my efforts weren't wasted and to say how incredible the mind of a child is, and how fast they grow. I mean, if you think about it, she was born 13 months ago, and in that SHORT amount of time, she went from a totally defendant newborn to a child who walks, talks, communicates and shows a lot of comprehension and understanding to the world around her that is so new. How they do it in such a short amount of time is so amazing to me.

So for my pic of the day, I decided to take a picture of the cards Sass and I used today.

And if you are wondering about my title...that is the song Sass and I sang and signed today. :)


  1. I'm teaching A to sign too. I can't wait until he can sign back. He loves watching me sign though so I'm hoping it will be soon. Are the cards just regular flash cards or are they for sign language? I would like to find some flash cards with pictures on one side and a picture of a hand doing the sign on the other side.

  2. Thanks for the info on the cards! I'll look for them. I would also like to find some baby board books with signs. I have an iphone and I think most of my pictures will come from that. I'd love to have my other camera with me but it's just so big. So I'm glad that my phone takes pretty good pictures. Anyway, thanks for following my blog. Hopefully that will give me incentive to keep up.