Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5/365-Furry faces, funny places

First and foremost, Happy 13 months Sass!

My little girl is already 13 months...this last month since her 1st B-day just flew by. It kind of crept up on me. So much has changed in one month, it is amazing.

Today she learned to walk backwards. She laughs hysterically over everything, now including this new discovery. We notice she gets delirious when tired, her balance is the first to go. She starts acting very silly, making funny sounds, faces, falling over things on purpose, running back and forth, throwing herself onto things...she is crazy!

Tonight was one of those nights that she got the silly bug. Daddy bought her a giant pink pig for Valentine's Day and she loves this pig..just LOVES it. She eats it, carries it around, falls on it, wrestles and kisses is her new best friend. Bella, our pooch, also loves this gigantic pink stuffed pig. All three play for long stretches at a time...Bella jumps on Sass, Sass jumps on the pig, then they all fall over and go at it again. Bella has so much fun playing with Sass and Pig, it truly is amusing watching them play. We had so much fun tonight, it truly made my day. My daughter's smile and laughter brings such joy to my heart. She is such an amazing little person with such a big and bright personality. So for my picture on her 13 month B-day, I thought I would take a pic of her two best friends (she has three, but Cat isn't so much into their hi jinks). Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. I love that in that picture the pig's nose looks a million times bigger than your woof woof (thats what Cake calls all dogs)!
    I can totally picture the 3 of them wrestling around! Too cute!