Sunday, February 22, 2009

9/365-3rd one is the charm

So today I did the unthinkable....something I have never done and never thought I would do...I spent more than 10 dollars on a purse! I have never been the one to get carried away and captivated by things least not for the prices they can sell at.

I was browsing, seeing cute purses but was standing my ground. That was until I saw THIS called to me..."buy me buy me..." How could I resist...Oh I know...I'll call hubby and he will for SURE talk me out of it.

So I call him up, as soon as he answers I say, "Hoooneeey???" "Yeeeeeeees?" is the reply I get.
"Is ___ too much for a purse?" "Yeeeesssss" was the reply I got. "Ok, you're right." then I hear what I didn't think I would ever hear. "But I know those purses you are paying for the name, and if you like it, I think you should get something you like and you ahead and get something for yourself."

I did a mini happy dance....I couldn't believe he said YES when I thought he would say NO and I would come back to my senses....but he didn't say no, in fact, he was encouraging me to get it!

So I did...and I am in coach collection is complete....3 is all I need. (2 were gifts). So for my pic of the day, my new beautiful purse!!! Enjoy!!
And as always, you can click on the pic to see it bigger.

Camera-Nikon D60

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  1. thats a very cute purse. You know me, I have only one purse for every day; even for going out and it does not match. But as long as it carrys my stuff: you surely didn't get the girly girl from me. "so" who did you get it from!? secert: sometimes I wish I was.