Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11/365-A Child's Best Friend

Sass has a new best friend. They play all day long, wrestle and even share food. Pouchy has a ton of fun with Sass, she likes to jump on her, lick her and play with her toys with her. Sass laughs hysterically when pouchy plays with her. It is the cutest sight.

Pouchy, aka as Bella, was an early Christmas gift from Hubby and she was quickly accepted as a part of our little family.

Bella is the same breed and looks very similar to my old doggy Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi was my favorite dog, she was so sweet, kind and gentle and a very loving and trusting dog. I will always miss her. Bella helps the pain of her passing, may you rest in peace Chi-Chi.

Hope you enjoy my pic of the day!

Camera-Nikon D60

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  1. cute little rat dog...I would so enjoy the hearing of- what you wrote; but: alas; no...so! its good to hear about it thou.