Saturday, March 7, 2009

22/365-Bullseye! Right on the money.

I got the word that Target opened on Wednesday with a "soft-opening", and their grand opening is this with that news I headed straight to Target!

I set off after Sass went to was 8:00pm and raining. On the way there, I happily sang along to the radio, I was happy.

I got turned around and had to call hubby to read off the directions to me that I thought I had was a simple turn around and I was back on my way.

I took a right down Salt Lake Blvd and it wasn't long before I saw the big glowing red bulleye...there it was, glowing brightly and perfectly red....I felt like Dorothy skipping up the yellow brink road to Oz...only my road was black cement...and wet.

I was greeted by a guy in a rain parka with a flashlight cone directing me to take a left into the parking structure and then another telling me to turn left. Immediately I saw an open space and I took it. I had a huge smile on my face as I grabbed my pink umbrella from the back seat. I locked my doors and hurried towards the store. I tried to act normal, but I was giddy...and it showed.

I went down the stairs as I was parked on the top level of a parking garage and that's when the chaos of a new store came into view. There were hundreds of people pouring in and out of the store at the same time. There were people directing you to follow the path between the yellow ropes into the store. It was set up as a red carpet event....and it was here in Hawaii.

I walked past 2 large red stone balls that are on either side of the entrance to the lower structure of the garage...I couldn't help but smile because I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I walked through the doors of this long awaited store. I can only imagine the frowns of the people who worked at Walmart on this day, their business will never be the same. I walked smelled new, it smelled smelled was very red. There were no shopping carts, there were so many people in this store shopping, buying everything just because they can. I grabbed a basket and I started down the isle.

The floors were white and shiney...I walked past the apparel section and straight to bedding. I was here to buy Sass a new toddler set. I was in took every fiber in my being to not buy everything I saw.

I found the bedding I had seen online that I wanted to buy, and I got the last one. I saw so many cute things for her room, but I refrained....but I was so excited planning out things I will buy in the future. The selection and style of this store had me thrilled and I was happy and I walked with a beat to my step as I wandered the isles.

I got Sass a plain white shade to replace her jungle baby one currently on her lamp, but I will use the same lamp but customize it to suit her new room. I also bought her some accent pillows in the Easter section.

I went down the curtain isle and found the cutest rods, but I am holding off until we move for those things. This store is amazing and I had the urge to want to decorate every room in my house.

Alass it was time to check out, the new employee happily fed me their mandatory lines about opening a credit card and if I found everything alright. I slid my credit card through the new reader and typed in my pin. She happily placed my items in an oversized bag for me and wished me a good night as I did the same. My Target experience was wonderful, and I felt happy.

As I walked out the door I was greeted by a lady who informed me I needed to proceed to the left to get to where I needed to go. As I walk away I hear another lady informing new customers the store will be closing in 35 minutes. Everyone was so happy and helpful, and I skipped to my car.

As I neared my car, I noticed the thinned out lot and then I got in and proceeded to drive away. I was met by more men in parkas directing me out. There was a line of 4 people, 3 men and 1 woman. The first guy dances and swings his arms to the left telling me that is the way I need to go. In succession, the next guy did the same and then the last guy did too. They were clearly enjoying themselves. It was then the woman's turn to tell me to go left, but she just laughed at her male peers and I turned left, I was on my way home.

When I got home and showed Michael my merch he smiled at me and told me he loved me because I was so excited about something as common as a store. But it made my day and it showed.


  1. are you gonna use the pictures that I sent to you that grams did of the little girls for madisons' room?

  2. I love Target too and I probably would have been just as excited as you. When I was moving with my first family to Maine, one of the first things I asked was if there was a target there. Luckily there was one close by.

    Oh and Michelle doesn't know what she is having yet. She wanted to find out but Nathan wants to wait. So it will be a surprise.