Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24/365-It's all about me me me

*Monday 9 March 09's pic

Sooooo this post will be easy...:) It's a self pic of me. I realized I have neglected taking pics of myself for the last year and a half so, I need some new and updated pics of me. Since I am learning and enjoying PS, they are also heavily edited..:) I always like soft focus, black and white pics....it changes the whole mood of the pic. And since I did technically take this myself (the clicker is in my right hand), I can add it..:)

And as always, click the picture itself to see it larger.


  1. This is a really good pic, Your so pretty!

  2. I must say; God, me and your father did a great job at produceing one nice looking child... of course with your help of maintaining that...

  3. I think you are really gonna need to change your number more so then ever now...lol...