Friday, March 13, 2009


Caught up...this is today's pic

Have I ever mentioned how smart Sass is?? She amazes me everyday. Today we were sitting on her blanket and she points to the monkey and says, "what's this?" I say, "Monkey". This goes on for the coconuts, frog, elephant and giraffe and back to the monkey....then she points to the Tiger and says, "What's this?", and I respond, "Tiger". And then without skipping a beat she says, "Cat!" and does the sign for cat, which she does by petting the side of her face/ear.

I love my smart baby girl!! This is the blanket we were sitting on.

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  1. This week Aidan started signing back! It still needs some work but I'm excited to see that he is getting it. Both "more" and "all done" look like clapping. When I do either of the signs he starts to clap. Anyway, about my cats, we have two and that one in the picture likes Rob better but the other one likes me better.