Friday, March 13, 2009


Tuesday 10 March 09's Pic

*Remember, you dont have to post everyday, just have to ensure you take a pic everyday and post when you can*

~Today Sass and I ran some errands and decided to go to McDonalds. This was Sass's first time there and she had a good time. We practically had the place to was a nice day just us. She had a 4 piece nuggets minus the skin, apple slices and an apple juice. She had about 3 of the nuggets, half of the apples and 2 sips of the juice. I don't give Sass juice so when she does have it on occasion, she doesn't like it. She got a stupid pet shop toy, a bird in a cage but it kept her entertained for a while in the car. I took the pic on the way out of the parking lot.

*Pearl City, Hawaii location.
Camera-Sony Cybershot


  1. can you come home and take me to mickey D's!? again: you have a car "aah" to remember back in the day on all you kids' first time. Such special times to put in the keepsake of your heart...

  2. Hey we did that last week too! Cake had the same thing except she doesnt like their apple juice so she had milk. She got some random cat in the cage. She was entertained by it though!