Thursday, March 5, 2009

20/365-Pack N' Play now just Pack(ed).

Today is a sad day in the growing of Sass. Yet another thing to remind me that Sass is no longer a helpless infant, but rather a budding little girl full of life, energy and personality. Even though it has been used as a laundry basket the last few months, it didn't really sink in that she no longer uses/needs her pack n play. I finally realized it is taking up much needed space and decided to put it away. So long PnP....and so closes yet another chapter of my first born's baby file....:(


  1. "aww" poor pack and play...yeah; it can be kinda sad...

  2. I packed up our PNP a looooong time ago. Cake never liked her baby jail. But its just one more sad step to toddler hood:(