Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zoo day

My next door neighbor El and I decided to take Sass to the zoo. We figured it was time she met her family we adopted her from...................the monkeys. :) Let me start off by saying it was hotter than wasn't so much for the heat as it was the humidity! Our fault I suppose for venturing out after Felicia just passed. It was still before noon and within the first 2 exhibits we were ready to call it quits. I could feel the water running down my back, and I actually don't sweat that easily, so if that tells you how it was.

But we did have fun, saw some flamingos, lemurs, giraffes, a pumba (wart hog), rhino and let Sass go wild in the little kid part. She got to see fish bigger than her,
stick her fingers in every goats' eye she could find and watch a turtle 3 way.
too much??? I didn't want you all to think I was just being funny. :)

El and I have a strong like for picture booths, and we lucked out and found one today. I wish it let us keep all 3 pics because they were funny. The first was Sass screaming because she couldnt hit buttons, the second was a just there stare with El and I being goofs and the third was a big gap smile. After we were done Sass insisted on banging on every last button 50 million times since she wasnt able to earlier.
If you see the pic close up, you'd see a very flushed and sweaty baby.

and just a few more pics of my darling.

We bought a SUPER soft body pillow at Costco and Sass has gone nuts with it ever since the store. Something about it makes her shake her head back and forth on it and attack it while having a massive giggling fit. Tonight, she thought it would be fun to head dive into it from the couch.....

.....over and over and over again.

as always, click on the pic to see it bigger.

Until next time!


  1. beautiful pictures! Your daughter is so sweet (love the first head dive picture lol). The giraffe picture is wonderful! :D

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I also love the first head dive picture! And who wouldn't love the turtle 3 way pic ;) j/k. Sass is so beautiful!

  3. love the pictures! the zoo pictures were great, loved the giraffe picture.

    you are so much more devoted to blogging than I, i never type anything! but i love reading others.