Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Butt crack baby

Some of you may know, that my daughter LOVES to take off her pants, shorts, skirts and worst of all, her diaper! I cant tell you the number of times I have gone into her room and she is standing there, bare butt naked saying, "Ut ooooooooooh!" pointing to her disposed of diaper on the floor, and sometimes even a surprise hiding under the blanket! Yes, my child is cat-like and buries her poo.....well...throws a blanket on top anyway.

She also likes to diaper dig....which I find to be the grossest of all! I cant wait till she stops that!

Well recently we have been putting packing tape around her tabs of her diaper so she cant take it off. Unfort, we are out of packing tape and as I was walking to the kitchen to find something that would work...I hear the husband stapled her diaper on! (not into her skin...I know I probably don't need to clarify that, but just in case).

But anyway...the pictures I am putting up are of my butt cracked baby...she just isn't having a good day unless she shows her butt! Literally!
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