Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19 months

Where in the world does the time go? 19 months old little girl is growing up. She amazes me everyday and what she learns to do. She is learning her ABCs and now every time she sees a word she must go point to it and say, "A.B.Cease" She also has a kind of lisp hahaha, not something I think she will always have, but...toddler speak for sure.

When she had her 18 month appointment she was saying and signing around 50 words and she is now way over 100. She can say pretty much anything you tell her to say and she retains it too and then calls whichever object she learned by name. She makes my mouth drop open on a daily basis with all that she learns. With signs too, all I have to do is show her once and she's got it.

Just the other day she asked me what I was eating and I said ice cream, for the first time she goes, "ice cream?" then signed it...I couldn't help but scream for joy, again....she makes me do that quite often.

She loves Yo Gabba Gabba. Her favorite is Brobee, whom she calls Bubby. She always calls for him and has to take him to bed. She can do the dances and sings the songs when they are played. She is really good at following instructions and has learned a lot from the show.

She knows the difference between hot and cold, off and on, in and out, up and down. She is a climbing machine! Especially up to daddy's computer when he walks away.
And she LOVES the water. Everyday I hear, "pool? wa-wa? pool? pool?" She played with the hose the other day and loved it.She also LOVES to brush her teeth. "brush? brush teef?" is the first thing I hear aside from, "hungry? eat!" when she wakes up. Complete with signs.
This girl loves her some slides! So we try to go to the park everyday. One time I stuck my face in between the bars that line the steps and asked for a kiss, she gave me one. Then after she goes down the slide and was climbing back up the stairs she stuck her little face in the bars and asked, "kiss?" Now she does this EVERY time we go to the part. Makes my heart smile. My daughter is so precious and I am so thankful to have her.
I noticed today that Sass looks much older than she usually does, I am not sure if it was the jeans or her ridiculous height for her age or what, but she is just not a baby anymore by any means. She sure is hitting the terrible twos stage early too...Can't wait till she cools her pipes, even just a little. Miss tantrum has been finding herself in time out a lot lately and it is seeming to work. She sits there for a couple minutes, we explain to her why she cant hit, scream, slap, or all of the above and she tells us sorry and gives us a hug and she doesn't go right back to being a crazy girl. I have noticed all I have to do is give a certain look now and she'll calm down, pretty awesome actually.

So the countdown continues on Operation leave Hawaii. I cant wait to be out of here for good, to start over and to just be done with this move. Hawaii is beautiful, but its a bitter place for me and I just know that the future will be brighter.

Well, I want to go to bed early tonight, its 12:30am and thats actually early for me. I started working on my 3rd kit, a boy kit and I can say now, I am not liking it hahaha. I just dont have a designing bug for boy stuff. Or maybe I am being too hard on myself I dont know. I suppose when I have it up, you can be the judge for yourself. So..with that, I am out, going to get some sleep and dream about making I seem to dream about lately...and its driving me batty!


  1. Beautiful post and pictures. Your daughter is a sweetheart. Best wishes for all that's involved in leaving Hawaii and starting over.

  2. I remember those sweet days with you...and I can't wait for you to be state side!!!!!