Saturday, August 15, 2009

A good day.....mostly

Sass slept in till 11 today! She was super active the night before, falling off couches on purpose and all that so I guess she wore herself out good.

She then had another, yes another, poopey situation today that ended with her screaming bloody murder holding her foot up with her stuff on the bottom and squished between her toes. As gross as it was, all I did was was too funny!

Sass's new song is the ABC's. She loves singing it, the best she knows how anyway. But it is so cute listening to her...then in the car she started singing the song that says, "blame it on the a a a alcohol...." She was going, AAA AA AA, she also sings Lady Gaga Poker face as, Po Po Po face!, so great, my child is being taught to stutter. Oh, and since she started singing these songs first time heard (her 1st radio song of hers was Boom Boom Pow), I have noticed a LOT of songs out there in that genre which I only listen to on radio once in a while has a lot of stuttering in it now. Must be a new "cool" thing to do I suppose..hmm

I was also listed on Digifree scrapbook search engine today, so I know thats a little thing and all but I was super excited about that! Hopefully that means more traffic my way.

So ok...enough ramble, on to the pics for today!

Gas prices......eeck


  1. I love the first picture watching the waves!

  2. Sass is so cute. And you make me wish I would have signed w/ my kids. And gas prices... EW!!

  3. I love all of your photos! And your zoo ones below. I looooooooove pink flamingos. My favorite is the giraffes. It lookes like they're in love :)