Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back from Maui

Hello blog world.

I have a TON to catch up on. Your blogs, MY blog....ugh....seems like there isnt enough time to do it all.

Well we had a wonderful visit with my SIL and BIL the other week and then we finished off with a couple days in Maui......GORGEOUS there let me tell you.

While there I met up with a lady I have known on BG for over a year and it was an awesome play date.

There is a lot going on here at the C household. As some of you may know we are getting ready to move to Virginia and so we have been preparing for that. Only 4 more weeks left in Hawaii. It will be bittersweet.

I feel lately I have too many irons in my fire. So much I want to do, yet not enough time to accomplish it all. I want to start projects then I go way overboard and try to be too elaborate and I end up not finishing I have this 365 thing going on (this blog of course) and I am having a hard time keeping up in blog world. I have been doing excellent and on point taking the daily pics of my daughter, but the other one I was supposed to start on the 1st...well....not going so well I must admit.

I am far behind on making the layouts for my daughters 365..:(

I am behind on scrapbook pages in general...:(

I want to start a photography blogspot but hell I am having enough trouble keeping up with this, but I know I need a separate one...why cant there be more hours in the day?

I have a very high energy, testy, always on the move, attention needing toddler so basically anything I want to do online while she is awake is out of the question.....I guess I dont NEED sleep right??

I'd like to get in a few more clients before I leave Hawaii, but as of tomorrow we will be down to one car and I just cant make appointments with people if I am unable to get there! Gah, I just need more practice!

Well....since I am not doing so well on the object 365, hell...I am 6 days behind lol...(meaning, i never started that one :( ) I guess I will show some random pics...Hope all is well in blog land, and followers,...I will catch up on your blogs I promise! I will check out my blog roll as soon as I am done here.


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I can't even say which one is my favourite because I LOVE them all! :D

  2. I love the one of Madison reaching for the mom.