Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sass's New Years Resolution more like my NYR for Sass....was to get rid of her paci! She usually only had it for nap and sleep, and sometimes during the day if it was an off day or teething or such. I was going to wait till she was 2 yrs (in 2 and a half weeks) but then I figured...why not now?

I heard of the trick a while back to cut the tips off, and they wouldn't want it anymore. Well..she did that all by herself with her teeth....she went through 3 pacis in a couple weeks...I had to take them away so she wouldn't choke, but once she bit them, she REFUSED them but screamed for a paci at bed time. So I figured that little trick wouldn't work for us.

So NYE, I was rocking Sass in her chair listening to Itsy Bitsy Spider like usual and she grabbed her huge baby bottle plastic bank. She would put it in her mouth and I told her, bottles are for are a big girl! She was repeating..I'm not a baby, I am a big girl. Well..she then puts her last paci in her mouth and it gave me an idea. I pulled it out of her mouth and told her...THIS is for a baby, you are a big you don't need it. She repeated that she is a big girl.

So I put it up, lied her down in her crib and told her a few more times when she asked for it, that she was a big girl, and only babies used pacis. And she went to sleep! No fight, no crying, no anything!

Who would have figured reasoning would work? lol...But I am SO glad it did! We are on night three and so far so good with naps and bedtime! YAH!!


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  1. Congratulations Sass on being a big girl and not needing a paci anymore!