Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its cheap, but it works.

Ever since we moved, I have been unable to find my scale....and being 16 weeks pregnant, I want to keep my weight journaled and to keep track of my weight gain.

Well, I know it has to be in one of the boxes still in the garage, but with it being 23 degrees out, its WAY too cold to go rummaging so...I went to walmart today to get a cheap scale. Well..I was afraid the scale would be off a bit...but it seems to be right on. I weighed my 3lb bag of apples, and it came out 3lbs. I went and grabbed an 8lbs weight, and it showed up 8 too. I picked up Sass, and she is only, she has lost some weight since the last I weighed her. Which makes since, she runs and is non stop go from the moment she wakes up!

Then I jumped on the 6:00pm at night, full stomach, fully clothed and I was pretty light means I have lost weight so far in this pregnancy, not gained. Well..I think I am gaining now, but I am playing catch up for the weight I didn't put on and lost during my first trimester when I was pretty sick. So that made me happy, I am 16 weeks and no weight gain as of yet. I know Sprout is fine in there, my uterus is where it should be for my weeks, I can feel her, and she has a strong heartbeat. I am just making better eating choices this pregnancy and not indulging in my every craving...which has helped a LOT! But is my little cheapo scale....isn't it cute??


  1. Hehe why do you call sprout "she" and "her"? Are you going to find out the gender? Your scale is cute, and it sucks being sick :( Sorry!!

  2. Yay for a scale that is right on!