Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too far behind

Hello all...

Ok, so when we went to OK I kinda fell off the wagon. I was taking pics while there then I just got way too far behind to catch up...SO i started a NEW 365..this one is going to be all about Sass. I decided to start on the day she turned 16 months...

May 18, 2009. And wouldnt you know it, my hard drive crashed that very night and I lost ALL of my 2009 pics. We were able to restore 90% of my stuff a couple days later, but the most recent pics I took are forever gone, they must have been near the blasting zone. SO, with that said, I have pics from the 19th on.....

I dont have a computer just yet (this is my hubby's), I am in the process of clearing off my old hard drive (the one I had before the one that crashed...) and then I will be up and rolling. I have taken pics of her every day. I think it will be interesting (if I can keep this one up) how much she has changed in one year!

So...I am not making a new blog, I am continuing on here....hope you all still follow along!


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